Everyone is out, which is a nice change. For the first time in ages I enjoyed a meal of liver and bacon and tomato. It was delicious and easy to cook — fortunate as it is the first time I’ve ever attempted to cook it! I was pleased to discover that unlike paua or muttonbird this is one childhood treat for which I haven’t lost the taste. (No correspondence will be entered into with you whimps who don’t enjoy liver as that means more for me!)

Now for a glass of wine. Mmmmmm!

I went and saw Stardust. It proved one thing: I am probably in the minority of the planet who think Neil Gaiman is overrated. He proved successful as the comic book writer of Sandman. The novels that I have attempted to read, including Stardust have left me unconvinced that he is a author of note. Characters remain true to archetype without eliciting any sympathy from me as a reader. The movie had Michelle Pfeiffer having fun hamming it up as a ‘bad girl’; and Robert de Niro stole the movie as the captain of a band of sky pirates. Other than that it struck me as a perfectly nice piece of eye candy.

New Line are promoting The Golden Compass as from the same people who produced Lord of the Rings. A little ironic as I understand New Line and Weta have parted ways. The technical effects look stylistically different to me from the trailer.

On the other hand, Daniel Craig as Lord Asriel…