I meant to mention a book that might be of interest to a couple of readers. The book is The Disappearance of God: a divine mystery by Richard Elliott Friedman, ISBN 0316294349. The book is the most recent that I have read on the literary theory that god becomes silent in the compilation of the bible. I read it at the start of the year. God begins as creator, physically present with humanity. After humanity’s scattering god still speaks directly to them and manifests godself in fiery theophany. In history god becomes silent, speaking indirectly to humanity through the prophets, manifest in silence, no longer in fire. God has become hidden, awaiting attentively to see what humanity’s final end-goal will be. The final vision is the Ancient of Days. The encounter with the Authority in Philip Pullman’s The Amber Spyglass is clearly influenced by this literary theory.

In the Christian revelation god visits humanity one last time, gets a bum deal and goes back to heaven. In the Talmud the signs of god are literally outvoted, the Torah is fenced.

In the second third of this book a study of nineteenth century writers Dostoyevsky and Nietsche is entered into. It is a fascinating study that encourages me to discover more about these two writers.

The final third I found the weakest. As it is a study of Kabbala to create a new model of god. I don’t know enough about Kabbala is display an interest in it and I found this part of the book did not encourage me to investigate it further.