Finally got around to starting on this series. I’ve finished Heroes Season 1. Sarah-Jane is decidedly targetted at the juvenile end of the Who-verse, possibly even more so than the original series. This doesn’t rule out that it could ultimately prove to be more mature than Torchwood. (That wouldn’t be hard!)

So far it feels pre-processed — like a can of Bubble-shock. In its favour the first story of the season carried itself on its own momentum. I even felt sorry for the Slitheen.

Best line so far: to fend off the Slitheen Clyde pulls out a spraycan of deodorant. “Wolverine,” observes Luke, “for that masculine scent!”

Joke I heard at the weekend:

Grasshopper walks into a bar. “We’ve got a drink named after you,” says the bartender. “Why would anyone call a drink Ross?” asks the grasshopper.