Taniwha’s stories about her new cat reminds me of the first night that I brought Fremen home. She disappeared twice, resulting in an urgent search the first time, inside and outside the flat. Then I pulled open a drawer of my desk and found her curled up inside it. She was small enough at that age to climb up the back of the drawer in my desk and smuggle herself in.

The second time, after a brief search I called her name and her head popped up over the rim of my washing basket.

When we moved flats she found a way out of the house (there was a gap below the cylinder in the water heating cupboard) within seconds. She came back. I learned to stop worrying about cats getting out. They come back. My current cat, Tao, does.

The exception was, of course, Tessa. I adopted her at the same time as Tao. The first time she went outside she disappeared for three days. Eventually she handed herself in. She had got halfway down North East Valley. The person who found her phoned the number on her name tag which belonged to her previous owner, who returned her to me. Idiot cat!