To make up for a mediocre Christmas, IMHO, I took my Birthday and Christmas money from my aunt down to the Dunedin Art Gallery and bought the Jesus the Little Thinker doll of the Unemployed Philophers Guild. I now have my own personal Jesus and I’m staking a claim that irony is not an anti-religious vice.

My Little Jesus doesn’t have the meek and mild hair-care that the website displays; more like I’ve-spent-40-days-in-the-wilderness-and-now-I-can’t-do-anything-with-my-hair (or in this case, in the gift shop). Maybe I should buy him a doll’s comb to make him look presentable. He’s divinely cute!

He also has no stigmata or loving heart. This must be a pre-crucifixion Jesus (which fits with the Philosopher’s sales tag). I peeked up his skirt and he’s gone commando. This little Jesus is too poor to own a loincloth; and since he’s a soft toy he is as emasculated as Ken. There will be no Last Temptation for this Jesus. He must be disappointed.

I wonder if I should get a cross for him so I can crucify him when Easter comes around.