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Morning, drink tea. I like the look of the cup here at the Cafe Express Deli in Liverpool.

SEX SFX confirm Sarah Jane Adventures is to return. Yay, I liked this show. Fun kidult stuff.

I’m sure I had other links that I wanted to mention. The only one that comes to mind is Personally, I welcome our new Cockroach Overlords.

Oh, yes that is the other thing of which I was thinking: The Guardian’s Heath Ledger Homage. I still think it was a silly way to go.

Crypt has more friends than I orginally thought.

Today in History

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Floods devastate Southland


Yes, I saw today’s paper. My flatmates bought a copy.

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Can a homburg on the hat stand of existence look phallic… me/ ponders…

Two more memories of movies, before they fade, that I have seen over the holidays: This is England and The Kite Runner. Both were good slice-of-life movies. The first, being about the seduction of the skinhead movement in England into xenophobia skirted away from being a darker movie than it could have been. It is semi-autobiographical and that kind of stuff can’t be played around with. It’s set at the time of the Falklands War and I understand that a couple of anachronisms have slipped in. So if Certain People see it, then Certain People will get an extra laugh that the rest of us chums miss.

The Kite Runner, using Afghani actors in Afghanistan and America, fascinated me with its use of language: code switching from English to Dari; and the layers of courtesy language and culture that is not normal for modern English speakers. It gave me something about which to think.

I think that by the time I get organised to go overseas we will be scraping the last of the oil off the underside of shale under post-holocaust skies, so a couple of things have delighted me to read for their pleasure today. The first is a blog I have added to my RSSfeed: LiverpoolBreakfast, a blog dedicated to greasyspoon diners from the homeland of my ancestors (the Merseyside). I can’t read too much at once otherwise I dissolve into drool. All that black pudding and mushrooms are giving me Homergasms!

The second piece of the joy of travelling also comes from the Guardian: an article on walking British cities at night, the writing is so beautiful.

Now off to bed and to see if I can finish more of my book.

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The hatstand of existence, I’m told, stands. Those who dream in deathless sleep have listened to the world.

Among the oddities I have visited upon the internet are the pages that I wrote on the Church Union movement in New Zealand. Not everyone has written up a description of fictitious Christian denomination — and I cheated by using existing material. Occasionally, about once every two years, I get enquiries about it. The most recent is a request for ‘interfriendship’ from an independent Anglican communion working among Latin Americans. The email came from Canada. I suspect the letter writer was a second language English speaker.

I have written an e-mail pointing out to them that I can authorise ecumenical relations from a church that doesn’t exist. That would be deceptive. Leaving it there means I know where it is. I will keep an eye on it so people don’t confuse it for an existing church denomination.

I should organise a party to celebrate being in my 42nd year. I was going to do it in January, which is a quarter of the way through. A friend got in before me, which is fair enough as it is their birth month and not mine. Perhaps I will book a table about mid-year when I will be forty two and three quarters (grin).

I bought some new shoes after Christmas. A local shoe importers has a good deal of buy two pairs and get a third pair free. The quality is reasonable and the shoes I have bought have lasted a couple of years before I needed to replace them. This time I bought two pairs of dress shoes and a pair of Avia running shoes. I walk to most places in town and they make comfortable shoes for getting about. The pair I bought last year are worn at the heels and have not yet started to fall apart.


A friend, an elderly minister, passed through Tokoroa but did not catch up with Cajetan65 as he had left the library. I sort of knew this but it hadn’t sunk in yet. Meanwhile the hatstand of life is taking one of those stormy batterings against which Treebeard once observed that an Ent can only weather it or crack. I’m hoping for the first.

I had better luck with funerals. The only one to which I’ve come close this month has been Death at the Funeral: comic wince territory as a secret lover and a bottle of hallucigenic pills threaten to undo the eulogy at a family funeral. Also nice for playing spot the talent: former spook Matthew McFadyen gets the Mister Derek role; Alan Tudyk gets naked (as seen in from any promotion for the movie); and Kris Marshall a.k.a. “Colin the Sex God” from Love, Actually makes an appearance.

Two other movies seen over the holidays, reliably reviewed by Helene Wong for the Listener: This is England, and Once. Both enjoyed, both open-ended, but probably both to remain unplagued by sequels. Once was set in Dublin; it could have been any mall, even Dunedin. Warning: the hand-cam was sufficiently shakey that I noticed and normally I don’t notice these things. So if you are hand-cam allergic take this movie under advisement. I also saw The Golden Compass which I want to like. Odd, the best things I have seen recently have not been the big blockbuster movies.

On a final note: Shed-LUST

Nemi Cartoon


I was showing this cartoon to a friend today. I suspect that it may not historically acurate.

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