First day back at work and managed to arrive 10 minutes late. My cat came in last night at 10 o’clock with a young blackbird. I rescued it and put in a shoe box in the guest bedroom. It was still alive this morning so I took a detour to deliver it to the SPCA. This took me out of my way.

I enjoyed New Year’s Eve, which made up for enduring Christmas. I shocked my flatmates when I said that I planned to go into the Octagon at 9pm. I enjoy the live music and being a part of a crowd of several thousand people. The stage was placed in the centre of the lower Octagon, instead of being at the edge and I worked my way into a good position near the stage. The neat thing was that I just needed to turn around a half-circle and I had a good view of the corner of the roof of the municipal buildings where the fireworks are released. Nice!

I also recognised one of the players as being the Saxman. He didn’t see me. Afterwards I did manage to catch a quick chat with his partner Clinton.

I’ve spent the last couple of days organising my notes for an eclectic language that I’m designing. I need to harmonise some notes that I have taken from a copy of Teach Yourself Russian. They aren’t fully written up yet. I’m considering that I might use the pronouns from Vokoman, a Indo-European sketch language for which I still have some notes.

Back to the saltmines, comrades!