A friend, an elderly minister, passed through Tokoroa but did not catch up with Cajetan65 as he had left the library. I sort of knew this but it hadn’t sunk in yet. Meanwhile the hatstand of life is taking one of those stormy batterings against which Treebeard once observed that an Ent can only weather it or crack. I’m hoping for the first.

I had better luck with funerals. The only one to which I’ve come close this month has been Death at the Funeral: comic wince territory as a secret lover and a bottle of hallucigenic pills threaten to undo the eulogy at a family funeral. Also nice for playing spot the talent: former spook Matthew McFadyen gets the Mister Derek role; Alan Tudyk gets naked (as seen in from any promotion for the movie); and Kris Marshall a.k.a. “Colin the Sex God” from Love, Actually makes an appearance.

Two other movies seen over the holidays, reliably reviewed by Helene Wong for the Listener: This is England, and Once. Both enjoyed, both open-ended, but probably both to remain unplagued by sequels. Once was set in Dublin; it could have been any mall, even Dunedin. Warning: the hand-cam was sufficiently shakey that I noticed and normally I don’t notice these things. So if you are hand-cam allergic take this movie under advisement. I also saw The Golden Compass which I want to like. Odd, the best things I have seen recently have not been the big blockbuster movies.

On a final note: Shed-LUST