Can a homburg on the hat stand of existence look phallic… me/ ponders…

Two more memories of movies, before they fade, that I have seen over the holidays: This is England and The Kite Runner. Both were good slice-of-life movies. The first, being about the seduction of the skinhead movement in England into xenophobia skirted away from being a darker movie than it could have been. It is semi-autobiographical and that kind of stuff can’t be played around with. It’s set at the time of the Falklands War and I understand that a couple of anachronisms have slipped in. So if Certain People see it, then Certain People will get an extra laugh that the rest of us chums miss.

The Kite Runner, using Afghani actors in Afghanistan and America, fascinated me with its use of language: code switching from English to Dari; and the layers of courtesy language and culture that is not normal for modern English speakers. It gave me something about which to think.

I think that by the time I get organised to go overseas we will be scraping the last of the oil off the underside of shale under post-holocaust skies, so a couple of things have delighted me to read for their pleasure today. The first is a blog I have added to my RSSfeed: LiverpoolBreakfast, a blog dedicated to greasyspoon diners from the homeland of my ancestors (the Merseyside). I can’t read too much at once otherwise I dissolve into drool. All that black pudding and mushrooms are giving me Homergasms!

The second piece of the joy of travelling also comes from the Guardian: an article on walking British cities at night, the writing is so beautiful.

Now off to bed and to see if I can finish more of my book.