At first I wondered why Tao was making such a fuss downstairs. She knew where I was and despite making such a noise showed no hurry in coming looking for me. I went downstairs to investigate. I should have known. She had caught a mouse. A real mouse is better than a toy one for playing mouseball. Tao loves mice — this is the third one she has caught this season. I think when she’s bored with her food she goes looking for a little excitement. So long as she doesn’t catch birds or keep me awake with her food, I have no objection to her doing it.

It’s sort of fun to see how close I can get before she snatches it away.

One of my flatmates came home in the middle of Tao’s play. She was more squeamish than I to Tao’s activity. I assured her the mouse was dead. I did not mention that on closer examination I could see it breathing. To be courteous I put Tao and her new-found (and briefly-met) friend outside. This did not interrupt her play unduly.

Then towards the end of the evening I discovered that I had to deliver some overdue newsletters up the hill to Falcon Street. I set off. Guess who followed me? Yes, Tao. She miaowed when I got too far ahead and I would pause to allow her to catch up. When I lived in Opoho she would follow me down in the evenings, sometimes as far as Knox Street. I would not encourage her to go further as I did not want to risk her in the traffic of North East Valley. She always made her way home ahead of my return.

We encountered two dogs on our walk up the hill. The first was a well-disciplined labrador which turned back when its master called it. The second was a smaller dog and I carried Tao past it. When it followed us I shooed it away. We got a ride back down the hill. It was a long walk for a small 12-year old cat, the wee girl.

I understand that there will be a boycott of Livejournal on Friday 21st March in protest against the company’s new policies, starting GMT time, which is halfway through the day for me. Talk about confusing! To do my bit I have set my RSSfeeds to check again in two days time. A shame really as the day is a high holy day for me (in as much as Presbyterians have such things.) Well it doesn’t matter as no one I know who reads this journal shares my pieties:

Life, by Robert Wright. This photo was taken in the Recoleta Cemetary of Buenos Aires.

Happy Easter.