On Good Friday afternoon I realised that I hadn’t seen my cellphone since Thursday. A search of my room produced no results. I visited a couple of places I had been on Thursday. It was not to be found there. I tried phoning my cellphone number and got my answerphone message — which means it is not on so I couldn’t hear if it was ringing somewhere about the house. This is a frustrating loss as friends do call it to contact me. If I don’t find it by the first week of April I will have to replace it as I will need a cellphone to be in contact when I go on a roadtrip with my mother to Wellington.

Listening to my answerphone message is funny. It is not the voice of me that I usually hear myself. My inner ear hears the intonations from my mouth whereas my external recorded voice is more nasal. It’s strange, like listening to another person, not me.

A couple of friends might be interested in the Strange Maps, a blog of unusual and imaginary maps. No cadastral maps, at least one usual suspect will hate that.

I’ve added some new blogs to my RSS-feeds. The Guardian has a monthly feature of recommended blogs. I grab the feeds and read the backlogs. When I’m finished I keep some of them. The following image shouted Majellan at me. The image is the Virtual Jihadi and comes from a satirical video game on the occupation of Iraq.

I tagged along with friends to the Backstage last night. I had seen the posters for it. I didn’t know it was a music venue. I thought it was the name of a band. So I am further educated. The first singer up looked like Steve from Questionable Content.

I think I’m about to go out for takeaways before a GURPS session. So I think I’ve included everything I wanted to report.