Tay-Oh can haz LOLcat

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My flatmate took some photos of my cat Tao and laminated them. I find that they make good placemats and coasters. When Southern Dave saw them he was overwhelmed with Cat Macros, which he has since created.

To share the pain, and honour Tao, the Banana-Boat Cat, I should link to them. Some of you have not been introduced to my Wee Girl.

Even a Doctor Who reference.

I thought about making a new icon of the last one. Sadly the reduction plays merry hell with detail.

The Growth Delusion: Why we don’t want to believe Peak Oil & Climate Change


The above title was an open lecture given by a professor. I was glad I saw a notice for it. By the time I arrived, five minutes before the start of the lecture, the lecture theatre was already packed. I got a seat on the edge of an aisle. People who arrived after me sat on the stairs and on the floor around the doors. The rules for fire hazard were disregarded, which made it comparable with the lecture I attended when Lord Professor Robert Winston spoke.

I started taking notes and filled a page before my pen informed me that I had passed Peak Ink and it needed a new cartridge. (Note to self: buy new cartridge for pen, signed, Andrew.)

Essentially the best estimates make this the year of peak oil. From now on there will only be less oil. For civilisation’s sake we need to start moving to renewable energy sources now. We need a 20 year period to make the transfer. New Zealand is pretty lucky that we do have alternative forms of energy that are easily accessible. We are looking into wind and tidal production already.

The bad news is that we won’t make the transfer. It involves a complete change in thinking. The market won’t let us because it lies awake at night thinking about all the lovely money it can drain out of us as we pay more and more through the nose for fuel. Economists have deliberately forgotten to think that there are alternatives to growth. In a finite world ‘sustainable development’ is as big a contradiction as ‘military intelligence’ or ‘Microsoft works’. To allow the developing world nations to survive and stabilise population growth the first world must surrender its own production.

Otherwise it will not be those who plan ahead who survive the collapse of our technologies and population, it will be the strong.

The Loot

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In emulation of Southern Dave, my pickings from the Regent Theatre's Annual Book Sale.

Teach Yourself Bengali
Teach Yourself Polish
Teach Yourself French Phrase Book

I’m a lifelong collector of Teach Yourself Language Books. It is a consequence of my language creation hobby. I’m very pleased with the Bengali as it is a title I’ve never seen before. I looked at Teach Yourself Portuguese. I put it back as I had already a copy. It turns out the one I put back was a later edition.

Celtic Night Prayer
Early Celtic Christianity
Teach Yourself Meditation

The last is a modern book in the same series as above. It’s in the Eastern Religion tradition. I might give it to Crypt and Bubbles Rosemary and see if they are interested in it.

The Song of Wirrun, by Patricia Wrightson

A trilogy of Australian fantasies on one volume.

The Priests of Ferris

The second book in the O Trilogy, another series to collect.

I didn’t find much at the Catholic Library. I came away with a Latin/English Prayer book on the Psalms. I had hoped to find some good stuff on liturgy. I think the priests and parishes saved that stuff for themselves. I didn’t have much schrapnell on me so I got it for 5p. I saw a lot of people I know from around the churches: Catholic, Anglican, and Presbyterian. (Now they support their local library!)

We were also in at Real Groovy. I was quite pleased to find Mike Oldfield’s Songs of a Distant Earth suite in the bargain rack

One of those before-I-forget things.

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I was told this week that a remake of Edge of Darkness has been commissioned.

Mel Gibson has been confirmed as a cast member.

No, just No. That is so wrong. Somebody should have been sat on until the possession had passed!

Possibly if they cast him as the crazy American agent. That could be tolerable.

Heart of Darkness was a beautifully made and darkly pessimistic serial from the 1980s.

Damn and Bugger

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I heard last night that the Catholic Diocese of Dunedin Library is to close. There will be a sale of books beginning 10am on Friday and going until Saturday. A shame, while I hadn’t been in a couple of years it was a nice little library. Mostly religious books, it held a couple of treasures.

The Master of Paxwax returns!

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A favourite book-reading returns to National Radio. I hope there will be a podcast.

Steampunk links


A couple of interesting links re: Steampunk have turned up on my friends’ list page. I’ll post them here in case they’re of interest to somebody (for instance Saffron). Although I guess she may have seen them.

  • Sillof's Workshop
  • Steampunk Moves Between Two World's
  • Hat tip to Paroxytone.

    My own exposure to steampunk is limited. I’ve read The Difference Engine and Pasquale’s Angel. Both were tediously unreadable. Maybe that’s why I’m turning to reading Young Adult literature again. Books like Airborne, Skybreaker and the Hungry Cities quartet seem so much fresher to me.

    The contradiction that proves the rule seems to be that China Miéville has compromised his style in his first foray into juvenalia to be disappointing. Way less dark than his other novels. Although I found underlying themes in it that worked for me.

    I see I have been mutually befriended from Wellington. *Waves to Will*

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