A couple of interesting links re: Steampunk have turned up on my friends’ list page. I’ll post them here in case they’re of interest to somebody (for instance Saffron). Although I guess she may have seen them.

  • Sillof's Workshop
  • Steampunk Moves Between Two World's
  • Hat tip to Paroxytone.

    My own exposure to steampunk is limited. I’ve read The Difference Engine and Pasquale’s Angel. Both were tediously unreadable. Maybe that’s why I’m turning to reading Young Adult literature again. Books like Airborne, Skybreaker and the Hungry Cities quartet seem so much fresher to me.

    The contradiction that proves the rule seems to be that China Miéville has compromised his style in his first foray into juvenalia to be disappointing. Way less dark than his other novels. Although I found underlying themes in it that worked for me.

    I see I have been mutually befriended from Wellington. *Waves to Will*