In emulation of Southern Dave, my pickings from the Regent Theatre's Annual Book Sale.

Teach Yourself Bengali
Teach Yourself Polish
Teach Yourself French Phrase Book

I’m a lifelong collector of Teach Yourself Language Books. It is a consequence of my language creation hobby. I’m very pleased with the Bengali as it is a title I’ve never seen before. I looked at Teach Yourself Portuguese. I put it back as I had already a copy. It turns out the one I put back was a later edition.

Celtic Night Prayer
Early Celtic Christianity
Teach Yourself Meditation

The last is a modern book in the same series as above. It’s in the Eastern Religion tradition. I might give it to Crypt and Bubbles Rosemary and see if they are interested in it.

The Song of Wirrun, by Patricia Wrightson

A trilogy of Australian fantasies on one volume.

The Priests of Ferris

The second book in the O Trilogy, another series to collect.

I didn’t find much at the Catholic Library. I came away with a Latin/English Prayer book on the Psalms. I had hoped to find some good stuff on liturgy. I think the priests and parishes saved that stuff for themselves. I didn’t have much schrapnell on me so I got it for 5p. I saw a lot of people I know from around the churches: Catholic, Anglican, and Presbyterian. (Now they support their local library!)

We were also in at Real Groovy. I was quite pleased to find Mike Oldfield’s Songs of a Distant Earth suite in the bargain rack