Abortion has entered the agenda of the New Zealand election. A judge ruled a couple of weeks ago that the abortion law in New Zealand is interpreted too liberally for its reading and counts essential as abortion on demand. Personally I wish he kept his mouth shut. The hypocrisy did not upset me. It is within my memory that abortion became available for health reasons in New Zealand so the law must have changed some time in the 1960s-1970s. I’m calvinist enough to know that women are always going to seek out options to abort a foetus. I would rather that it was available to all than just for those women who can afford to hop across the ditch to Australia to abort a child, or worse, resort to illegal and dangerous clinics. If that means a law change to abortion on demand then so be it!

Religious rhetoric aside I find that there is only two good justifications for prolifers:

  • It’s eugenic and destructive of life’s potentiality and diversity. Don’t talk to me about the sacredness of life, that’s just emotional and undefinable crap. All things strive to exist and live
  • No man ever died from having an abortion. It’s the perfect male contraceptive.
  • There, got that out of my system and written down.