I went and saw St. James the Hairdresser and updated him on news about former flatmates. He is still convinced that he does the best haircut for blokes in Dunedin and wanted me to pass on his greetings to Crypt and Cajetan.

After that I went and saw Mama Mia: the Movie. Somebody had to, it will be gone by the time that Crypt gets around to going to it. A glance at the audience suggested that this was going to be a chick-musical (that proved correct). Think Priscilla versus the Greek Chorus (it’s set in a decrepid hotel on a greek island, so yes, there is a greek chorus.) Slow and annoying to begin, it soon picked up, and the ending encore to the movie was suitably glam that I left happy (Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth in those outfits).

Many of the tunes were familiar (for obvious reasons) and lingered in the head for a while. I would like to see a stage performance.