Sustainable Growth: a Myth?

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We had a symposium at Opoho Church tonight; 3 speakers and a congregation of 60 interested people. Being part of the organising group I was pleased with the reception. I hope we do it again.

Some thoughts:

  • We buy from the marketplace rather than being self-producing. This is a generational thing. It is not necessarily global
  • We, New Zealand, grow food to cater for First World markets. Despite the talk of our primary producers, we are not producing for the underfed
  • Question consumption and its efficiency
  • Environmental Engineering is a euphemism for Waste Management. Waste Management is a growing business & it is unsustainable
  • The past is becoming less reliable for predicting the future
  • Sustainability is such an interesting subject it drew out 60 people out on a night when they could have been watching Doctor Who! (Video players were working overtime tonight!)
  • New Zealand will initially benefit from production in climate change as other parts of the world will become unproductive
  • Who’s doing the energy audit?
  • Take care of the next 50 years. That’s our generation and our children’s generation. Longer projections of historic change beyond that are unpredictable
  • Don’t think about sustainable growth; think about resilient growth in a post-national community. Despite what the maps say nations haven’t been here forever
  • Good night.

    Dear Sir Brian,

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    I can remember sitting in the backseat of the car with my twin brother while dad had a drink with his mates after they had finished work. Nothing untoward ever happened. What I remember is how boring it was just sitting there with nothing to do in the evening light. We were too young to be invited in. It was a different age when we did go. This would have been back in the 1970s; the Clyde Tavern, I think, in Invercargill.

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    My cellphone nearly recovered from the rain; except for the fact it no longer has reception. Denied of its meaningful purpose I went and bought a new one today. (The old one went into the Vodaphone recycle bin.) Despite being bog-primative as banging rocks together my new phone has already set off my neophobia for new technology — it predicts my txt! the little bastard! Now I am going to have to read the manual! Bugger it!

    On the sadder news front I arrived at work today and the archivist wasn’t in. Her mother has died and she has gone to Blenheim. I won’t see her for the rest of the week. It will be one burden lifted from her. It still leaves us to fight our way through the settlement of our new workspace.

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