We had a symposium at Opoho Church tonight; 3 speakers and a congregation of 60 interested people. Being part of the organising group I was pleased with the reception. I hope we do it again.

Some thoughts:

  • We buy from the marketplace rather than being self-producing. This is a generational thing. It is not necessarily global
  • We, New Zealand, grow food to cater for First World markets. Despite the talk of our primary producers, we are not producing for the underfed
  • Question consumption and its efficiency
  • Environmental Engineering is a euphemism for Waste Management. Waste Management is a growing business & it is unsustainable
  • The past is becoming less reliable for predicting the future
  • Sustainability is such an interesting subject it drew out 60 people out on a night when they could have been watching Doctor Who! (Video players were working overtime tonight!)
  • New Zealand will initially benefit from production in climate change as other parts of the world will become unproductive
  • Who’s doing the energy audit?
  • Take care of the next 50 years. That’s our generation and our children’s generation. Longer projections of historic change beyond that are unpredictable
  • Don’t think about sustainable growth; think about resilient growth in a post-national community. Despite what the maps say nations haven’t been here forever
  • Good night.