Interesting article from the New Scientist blog. I thought some of you might like it.

I watched the BBC doco The Big Bang Machine about the Large Hadron Collider. It was hosted by Brian Cox: physicist-cum-rock-musician-cum-horribly-bad-teeth. I had already read an article about him in the newspaper’s world news pull-out only the same day. After watching his enthusiasm and his ‘oop norf’ accent I decided he would be a great nomination for the next Doctor if David Tennant decided to hand in the armchair-skin suit. Cox is apparently Lancastrian, his accent sounded Broad British Urban to me.

I wonder if I know anyone who has downloaded Lost Souls in Dunedin yet: Torchwood radio play based at CERN on the eve the boffins are going to bootstrap the LHC.

I wonder where on my linux box are the settings for summer time. My computer clock is an hour out now so I have disabled the applet until it corrects itself. It did eventually after daylight saving time ended in the winter months. As I am lazy about learning computerese, Kubuntu remains arcane to me.