I have been trying to design an eclectic language for a while. If you don’t know what I mean, google ‘conlanging’. A few links will have you fleeing screaming in terror in no time.

I’ve started a grammar on Frathwiki called OT2.0. It hasn’t got very far. Tonight I decided to try a different direction. I took an old copy of Rick Harrison’s Universal Lexicon and started designing words for it based on an earlier version created from Lingua Franca and other creoles. Creole languages are underappreciated in my opinion. I took indo-european stems from the American Heritage Dictionary and applied soundchanges from a language project I started some time ago with lots of fricatives. This time I hope to get a bit further with it.

After I got back from the gym this evening, doing my weights programme, I worked my way through the preposition list. I got just under half way through. I have to think of a new word to mean ‘like’ or ‘similar’ after I find an acceptable etymology for ‘come’ (Italian word, not English).

That’s enough strange confessions for one evening.