Jethro Cane arrives at Camelot to take up service with Dr. Constantine. Rupert Giles is celebrating a 20 year pogrom against magic by throwing a party. His son, Prince Arthur, is a royal prat. Gwen Cooper’s swanning about in the background being an evil witch.

The makers have have gone for a high fantasy feel. I would have prefered a Celtic/Welsh feel myself. Maybe they thought that was overdone. Nevermind, it’s a good laugh. I definitely would like to see a version of it on IBWiki. I might have to think about that.

Karkehan will have left the country by now and I expect I won’t see him until next year at the earliest. Sad, really, as his fortnightly role-playing sessions were an opportunity to get out of the house to somewhere different in my life, and I shall miss them. Good luck to him. Where he goes I know that he will touch down feet first.

It’s a cloudless day today. I’m out of here for a walk into town. Whitcoulls have got copies of Gorminghast on DVD and I reckon that there’s a copy with my name on it, or else! Selaya