I got through half my notes that I wanted from language books for my list of prepositions today. The result is going in a different direction than I initially expected. It’s dangerous thing to design a language. I am constantly being distracted by its shinyness. I will have to post the results somewhere. The hyper-text mark-up language version can go here. I should post a thread on Conlang when I’m done.

The Teach Yourself grammars I was looking at today included: Dutch, Polish, Norwegian, and Russian. Still to come: Spanish and Welsh.

Other news: I am going to Papatowai for my cousin’s 50th birthday bash next weekend. It should be a fun excuse to get out of Dunedin for a couple of nights.

Tomorrow I start relabelling boxes at work that contain wedding records. By March 2009 they should be on our new shelves in the former journal floor when we are in our new office. That’s progress.