This is the character that meets us on arrival, probably leaning against his old wagon, waiting to meet us. A good choice for a character to begin with.

His dog’s in the back. Don’t worry, it may be big but it won’t bite. It’s a gentle animal.

He’s dressed as a farmer: woollen trousers, shirt, straw hat. He has long hair. It’s gone white and he wears it in a pony tail. If he takes his hat off we will discover that he has had it tinted at the front, red and blue. He has a thin boney face, probably the kind that is weathered rather than wrinkled, and blue eyes, probably a washed-out pale blue. A pendant earring hangs from one ear.

He is the cantor for a local religious community. At one stage he will be discovered leading the singing in the shrine/chapel, barefoot. I don’t know what he wears otherwise, probably boots which he has removed while he is at liturgy. Without knowing the background of the community I cannot say whether he is leading hymns, prayers, bhajans or sutras.

At this stage we will probably meet his cat. It is ginger with decided musical tastes: ancient, nothing modern or else we will see it walking out.

I can imagine what kind of person this is: gentle, a little bland, with an independent streak and alternative. I have met people like that. He hasn’t been labelled with a name yet.