One of my favourites: Anghelo (the gh-sound sounds like it’s gargled). He’s a fighter, a gun-slinger, a swordsman, a martial-artist. (In Hypercronius the martial arts are called Folkfold, derived from the childhood threat, “I know origami, people folding, and other Japanese words!”)

He could have stepped out of a western novel: long black suede coat, trimmed with fur, it’s beginning to look faded in places; high-buttoned black waistcoat; black suit pants; white shirt; short black tie; dark glasses. Sadly the effect is lost due to the permanent unwashed smell that hangs around him. He is fearful of the sun and doesn’t change. Ironically he’s naturally tanned from a life outdoors. He’s not a person who looks good dressed like this on his muscular frame.

He has a face like a pug. He doesn’t smile or react. His face is inanimate. Long black wavy hair which he wears tied back in a bun, a thick beard like a Victorian gentleman.

Anghelo is for hire. Watch him in a fight. He has weapons hidden on his body. He’s a bounty hunter or a bodyguard. What’s he doing here? He could be dangerous.