I did it as part of my Saturday morning trip to the supermarket. There was no queue. A young man in a t-shirt and baseball cap pointed me to the registration desk.

I walked over to the young woma who was handling the general roll. She took my ID and found my name. There were two people in the North Dunedin Electrate who have my name. I identified that I did not live on Gamma Street. My address was on the back of the card anyway. When I asked she said that they had been open for half an hour already.

She took my card, crossed off my name, and gave me my candidates’ sheet. I went into a booth and ticked a candidate and a party. New Zealand’s law on proportional representation means I get two votes. At the last election only 2% of the voting population went unrepresented into parliament; I understand in America it is 40%. I put the form into the correct box and left. On the way out they gave me a sticker. All that took less than 10 minutes.

The depressing thing is that Australia got Rudd, and America got Obama. New Zealand seems determined to get Key. Talk about getting the consulation prize!

Anyway, Happy Election Day! All together now! ‘Tis the season to be polling! Tralalalala la la la la!