Yesterday at the gym I came down with a migraine. It came on as I finished 20 minutes on the treadmill. No pain, just crystaline patterns in front of my eyes. It played havoc with my depth perception, which was not good to start with; and I had to concentrate hard to read the display on the machines I was using. In the end I asked at the desk if they had any aspirin or something I could take in their medical chest. Fortunately the staff had some panadol. I took two and it cleared up after a few minutes. Today I had a mild headache in my left lobe. I’m putting it down to a combination of influences that I think are seasonal: sleep patterns, temperature, water loss and exertion.

My newsletter is coming together now and I hope to have it done to take to the printers next week. One problem is that I have ended up with two different articles about the same church anniversary, and I have to decide if I want to harmonise them or not. The shorter one was volunteered and unsolicited; the longer one I asked for someone to write. Decisions, decisions!