It was a poor weekend for Boston T. to visit Dunners for the cricket. Friday was too wet for any play, and it took the groundsmen two and a half hours to dry the pitch sufficiently for play to begin for the day. By which time he had retreated to the pubs. As a result I have seen more pub interiors this weekend than I had for several years previously. I’m not into the pub scene so the result has been educational. I now have an opinion.

Some comments:

  • Harleys Sports Bar, felt like a working club incongruously placed in Scarfie Land, Dunedin’s student quarter. Pleasant enough that since Boston T. left me with a loyalty card I plan to go back and enjoy one of their special deal roasts in the future.
  • The Captain Cook, the toilet was an alien-sector for urine-breathers. The musty smell in the main bar suggests that regulars are secretly using a corner of the room instead.
  • The Bog, Irish-themed bar that used to be the Albert Arms of happy memory. The beer is good. I had a Kilkenny draught which bartender brought over to me after it had settled. I have fond memories of dinners at the Albert so their catering is bit of a betrayal. Still I can’t resist a big plate of lamb’s shanks and potatoes!
  • The Robbie Burns, costliest of the bars we tried and dead miserable service. It had the smallest crowd we found for an early Friday night. We didn’t linger. I was disappointed as it is a bar I have seen friends frequent.
  • The Duke of Wellington, more beers from the West European Islands than I can shake a stick at! One of my favorites.
  • The Poolhouse, popular with pool-players, obviously. Good selection of tasty beers, no t.v. to watch the cricket.
  • The Fever Room, we didn’t go in, but we were certain the people outside were either cross-dressing or disco fans. We decided to be too provincial to venture in, it was beer we were questing for.
  • The Lawcourts, big burgers and big t.v. ‘Nuff said!
  • The Lemon Room, okay for streetside drinking, but I wouldn’t want to linger.
  • The Break, too close to the Octogan, and too far away to attract a big crowd.
  • The Victoria, dead, even the barboy was bored.
  • After all that beer I slept well.