The Presbyterian News is now nearly all posted out. I found I was ordering 1200 copies and sending out 1k so I reduced the numbers this time. Now I can relax again. I have gone back to working on my eclectic language. I left off writing a list of prepositions using the first chapter of H. Rick‘s Universal Word Lexicon as a paradigm. It’s proving to be an interesting exercise because Malay has contributed prefixes to some of the prepositions that mark place words as movement to or from a point, or at a point; and Russian has provided a whole lot of detail about prepositions and case. I have to harmonise them.

To quote Ph.D. comics (which I have already used on another forum this week: “We can’t give up now. It’s gotta be beautiful all the way down.”

Note to self: find time to get into the university library and delve into a book on the etymology of the instrumental case of Russian. I’ve sure I’ve read it somewhere. Unfortunately research at the moment is hindered because the library is not in semester time.

Tomorrow, if I juggle my timetable right I should get into town to collect my second film of photos. I finished it at the Santa parade. I’m hopeful.