Christmas is less than a week away and I haven’t made any plans for it. I intend to spend the day with my cat. She is the only one I have bought anything so far. There was a bag of cat toys at the supermarket and I didn’t resist. I think I have convinced my mother not to visit me on Christmas day, a two hour trip from Invercargill. She will visit on Boxing day and perhaps then I can continue my tradition of buying calendars for the aunts.

I asked the university chaplain if there was any voluntary missions on for Christmas day in the city. There is only the Church of Christ apparently. I would be tempted to offer my assistance. It depends if this scratchy throat infection that I have caught clears up. I’m bullying it with medication and lots of hot blackcurrent cordial.

I did not get to our last evening service for the year. It was a blue Christmas service and I don’t think it quite worked for me last year.

The university library closes on Tuesday at 4pm for Christmas so I don’t think I will get in there again until 2009 now. On Monday the Archivist will be away for the holidays and also on Tuesday will be the annual end of year shout for all the staff on the Knox College campus.

So that’s it really.