New Year was nice. I got into the Octagon about half past nine. The Oxo-Cubans were playing on a sound stage which they had put up in the lower Octagon. Last year they had moved it toward the centre facing the lower Octagon allowing people to surround it. Presumably someone was unhappy with that arrangement so they returned to the older format. I think I may have recognised one of the musicians as being the Saxman. I did not get close enough to confirm this.

No matter where I stood in the crowd above the steps it seemed that I was caught in the thoroughfare of people. Maybe if I’m by myself next year I will take to the dance area in front of the stage. At least there I can bounce back. When I got down there after midnight there were a lot of people my age (40something) who are not ashamed to boogie! Go feet!

Fireworks at midnight, great fun and marvelous show. I had my camera with me and I got carried away. It was an unused film and when I stopped the dial read 34. As I choose to use black and white film I hope that they turn out okay.

Since then I’ve been bumming around at home and not moving much. Today was the first day that I got out as I knew the gym would be open and I took advantage of it. On Tuesday I’m away to Wellington for a week. The Phantom invited me to visit him so we can go to the mediaeval tournament in the Hutt Valley. As I will be there a couple of days early there may be an opportunity to visit my cousins in Nelson across the strait.

If I don’t write anything beforehand then ‘see you on the other side’; and Happy New Year: We Survived Another One!