First off a week in Wellington proved to be a refreshing extra-long break with which to start the new year.

I saw the colossal squid at Te Papa museum. It is the only one on display in the world. Quite fascinating. Did you know that the hooks in a squid’s tentacle can swivel. It’s worth seeing if you are in Wellington. All that squid rings and no chips!

I enjoyed going to the jousting tournament in the Hutt Valley. Watching the foot combat brought back nostalgic memories of when there was a metal weapons group in Dunedin. Mass combats until everybody fell down. Ah, happy memories! The jousting was fun, watching men and women on horseback striking each other with lances tipped with balsa wood. I think I will go agin in 2011. Wellington is better off for the range of mediaeval re-enactment groups operating there. If I had the guarantee of a job I would move there straightaway. Sadly there are no openings for archivists with my modest qualifications and appalling interviewing skills.

I crossed the strait with the ghost who walks and we visited our cousins. We were only there for a couple of hours as we wanted to get back there same day. Perhaps I will make plans to see them again as they are my favorite whanau.

I stocked up on my last two months of comics — which caused surgery on my wallet without an anaesthetic, ouch! — and lost my glasses for most of the week. We found them in the last place on the day I left. I wasn’t worried about finding them again as it has been more than two years since I upgraded them and I know they should be replaced.

Would you believe the air hostess on my flight home took sick just as the plane was talking off. The flight was delayed for about 45 minutes. I had bought a four volume translation of The Journey to the West so I used to the time to get started on that.

Best show I watched while I was away was a couple of episodes of a mini-series where the last survivors of a zombie plague in Britain are the members of the Big Brother house. Blood! Guts! Undead! Vacuous idiocy! I have enough dark humour to find it funny. Shaun the Sheep came a close second.

Home again; and back to work. My cat was on hand to greet me when I returned.