This week: two funerals. The first was for a home economics teacher who lives in South Dunedin. Her parents are members of my parish. She had leukemia. It went into remission for a while and when it returned she decided against further chemotherapy. Essentially she chose to step through, to Aslan’s country. Her death came suddenly as she had only gone to the hospice for the final stage at the weekend. The church at which her funeral was held was packed. At her request it was No Flowers, Bring A Plate of Favorite Food. Believe me I haven’t seen catering like that in a while. The tables should have been groaning under the weight!

The second funeral was for a retired minister of religion. He was one of the founders of the department of religious studies at the university. A delightful man with an impish smile, he could listen to anyone and genuinely say at the end That’s Very Interesting, and mean it. He also loved jazz and introduced students to the work of Sadao Watanabe. Now he has gone into the eternal moment of an unfolding future. He shall be missed.

A Dunedin photoshop went into receivership today. Photos from the Knox College collection had to be retrieved from them very quickly. Too late in the day and it would have become difficult as they would have been considered assets of the business.

I have noticed a number of people saying that getting back into their gym training after the holidays is a gutbuster. Better to start gently and work back into it. I was alright over the holiday season as I kept up my practice during that period. I’m still trying to catch up with my week away in Wellington. That put me back.