I ran into Saffron today and we sat down and chatted while we waited for a bus to come. We shared bits of our life with each other. So having caught up with her I should let on a bit more about what I have been doing that I never tell.

The work on the new archives office is underway and the development can be followed here. Note that the page is dynamic with the most recent developments added at the top. Four weeks time and I can be in my own workspace. Exciting stuff!

Opoho church is having their annual fair this weekend. (More like sesquiennial, if there is such a word.) I had a ruthless clean out of books that I’m not going to read and removed about four boxes. This was without touching any that I have on bookshelves. Helping at the fair means that I’m not going on an overnight trip to Becks with Friend-Link. It may mean I’m available to go see Thaïs on Sunday.

My mother and I saw Salome on Waitangi Day. I went and saw the Damnation of Faust by myself and it put me to sleep. I wondered if it meant I shouldn’t watch opera at the movies by myself. Then I went and a Tribute to Pavarotti and loved it. I didn’t want to miss a bit of this wonderful accessible music. Best discovery goes to Angela Gheorghiu, a sparkling soprano who made doing a duet with Sting look easy.

I also went to see Wind Dancer: the life of Shona Dunlop McTavish. My mother prides herself that her mother was a servant in the Dunlop manse in Invercargill so she feels there’s a connection there. I knew I wouldn’t hear the end of it if I didn’t go. Now I shall have to see if I can get a copy of it for my mother if it comes available on dvd. I shall try the Department of Communication Science who produced it.

I got to the first meeting of Drinking Liberally Dunedin last night at the Velvet Underground. A good attendance of various shades of liberals: Greens, Labourites, at least one International Socialist, and some voting swingers. The Green MP Keith Locke spoke about a life in radical politics, as reported from SIS files! It was a good occasion to get together, although when the conversation at the floor level gets going I have to work hard to hear it; and I think that the Greens need to relax on their more-liberal-than-thou attitude to the old left.

I sometimes think about moving from this flat, away from the noise of the highway and the student parties of Gladstone Road. I think the only thing I would miss would be the network’s downloads. What holds me here is the reluctance of committing myself to moving.

I have to do a newsletter for the Presbyterian churches of Dunedin. I hope I can round material up and still get it out before Easter. Cross fingers.

It occured to me the other day that the next election in Kemr in ill Bethisad happens in June 2010. That’s less than a year and a half away now. It’s not impossible that they are already thinking about towards the election campaign. I have asked on the IBWiki about international affairs *there*. Nothing serious so far. I suspect that the election will be driven by domestic policies, whatever they turn out to be!