24 Hour Booksale


I see that the 24 Hour Booksale is confirmed for the 15th of May. I can expect Southern Dave then.

Power corrupts, absolute power is kind of neat.


Just when I think things will be quiet again for a while I find a new game to play: uGov — the New Zealand Government Simulator. I took out a membership and suddenly I’m sitting in cabinet, and I’ve already made a speech in reply to the Speech from the Throne. I suspect that this is going to be quite involved, but, by golly, it looks like it’s going to be fun!


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I caught up with l’Enfant de Jeu and a couple of other Livejournalistas last night, D.H. and Miche in New Zealand. The occasion was a dress performance of l’Enfant de Jeu‘s choir before it goes to national competitions in a few weeks’ time. I knew it was going to be an hour’s walk to south Dunedin where they were performing. It was just within my tolerance levels so the walk would be good after a couple of days I had ducked out of exercising while my mother was here. I notice that my hip joints are aching a bit today, no surprises there!

A quartet of senior debenture holders set the scene as each of the performing quartet’s entered. The judges would be on hand as each performance begins. The spotlights are on the singers. Silence would be called for when the judges are ready for the singers to begin. The doors would be closed. I can’t comment on the quartets, when they sung together as a choir it was a fantastically rich sound. Full credit to their conductor! A very professional and competent leader.

I met up with performers and their supporters who are familiar with me. Afterwards I planned to retrace my route home and break it with a stop at Toast where the other two were meeting with l’Enfant de Jeu. She saved me a long trip by giving me ride into town and another afterwards back to the north end.

After my mother’s visit my camera has returned to me. It has been sitting in her car since her last visit. This has been annoying as I have missed on two opportunities I wanted to take photos: the firedancers and drummers who made Earth Hour in the Octagon a memorable occasion; and an overnight visit to Quarantine Island a couple of weeks ago: children jumping from the pier, walking down the back beach with a bunch of marine scientists with a passion for their work, and joining with Cherokee the dog for a game of chase.

The size of the Brithenig dictionary

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Brithenig’s lexicon is in a Kate txt document.  I used GoTo to do a count of lines and subtracted the alphabet headings,  This left 3176 lines.  Without going through and finding the entries that run onto a second line means Brithenig has approximately 3170 words.  Almost a real language.