When the School of Ministry for the Presbyterian Church ran onsite ministry training at Knox College in Dunedin they had a cluster of houses scattered throughout the north end of Dunedin for cheap rentals for ministry students. Now that the School of Ministry has become the Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership its ministry students are scattered around the country and they have sold most of the houses off. Yesterday I looked at one of the houses behind the college which they are trying to rent out. It has been vacant since the start of the year. It looked like a good deal for me as I would be on my own, which I’ve never done before and it was next to my workplace at the Presbyterian Archives. So I have signed up for it. The Registrar will give me the key next week. Now I have to move all my stuff across the valley back to Opoho. (Since I don’t drive I’ll be looking for help.) The house is a bit old, but it will have plenty of room for me to spread out.

At the same time our workplace is nearly at the end of its renovations so we can move in. Fancy both these things happening at once!