My new telephone provider is being slow in connecting the telephone at my new flat. This could be because my credit rating is impossible to find. I don’t have one. My credit rating doesn’t exist. I sent two pieces of identification to Auckland. No driver’s licence, it’s lapsed; no passport, I’ve never travelled overseas. Who am I? It’s been a short week so that could explain why they are being so remiss. I will call them from work on Monday.

So this could be my last update for a while as I move tomorrow into my unconnected new flat. At least until next week. I will check my computer tomorrow so I will have emails and RSSfeeds to tide me over.

This week has been a high and low of confidence and anxiety. Moving houses has made me so anxious I have loss of appetite. Yes! Me! I love eating. Some of my mealtimes this week have been unhappy times as I have eaten without conviction. The promise of snow tomorrow when I move did not help me sleep when I was told of it. Still the forecast has got milder when I look at it later in the day and my confidence has returned.

I have been crossing the valley taking bags of stuff with me, opening drawers and cupboards, sorting out books and papers and clothing. I found a plastic catbox which I don’t use and left it as a gift for Taniwha. One more thing I didn’t need.

Similarly Tao the wonder cat has watched her world turned upside down. I hope she likes our new house. I certainly do. I have not had this kind of space before.

I am grateful for the support and encouragement of others during this time. People have been magnanimous to me and I love you all for it.

I need to pack the last lot of clothes: old things of which I might get rid, sheets and towels, and perhaps my coats. Then I will go one more time in the dark across the valley. Signing off for now. See you on the other side.