I’m back on the internet, which means I must have all the services I need. I took out a broadband account with Telstra-Clear. I can’t say that they were particularly helpful. First the credit agency lost my information, it was mailed over a long weekend, and I had to send it again. When the phone was connected I asked when the modem for my broadband would arrive. It would take three to five days. I waited until after the weekend. When I rang again they said it hadn’t been initialised, i.e. not sent. So they couriered it out to me. It was delayed a day by Dunedin’s annual winter snowfall. We only get one a year, and everyone stays at home, at least anyone who has any sense as Dunedinites are not accustomed to travelling in the snow. This fitted into the timeframe of the arrival and I picked it up from the postshop. Then I battled with the instructions and my technophobia to install it. Success! I haz the interwebs again! One happy hobbit.

Lots of people helped me move. Pr. Canady turned up twice, the second time bringing a friend with a barrow. I hope her back is better. A friend from church helped with another barrow and a truck. We moved the last of the stuff in the night and the wind because there was going to be a funeral at church for a Danish woman and everything had to be moved forward in schedule. I ended up missing that funeral because I didn’t get the communication for the right times and arrived when the occasion was wrapping up. Cue one annoyed hobbit!

Also my flatmates helped me with their satanic urban vehicle to move smaller stuff. Apart from unpacking stuff I am nearly moved in.

I didn’t miss everything. Yew Tree Woman’s ex-partner unexpectedly took a turn and died. I made sure I attended that funeral. It was fabulously well attended. He would have loved to been there and seen everyone. They even came from Australia and America.

I have bought myself a little tv set (14′) and started watching tv again. The indigenous channel Maori TV is a national treasure. It has amazingly good current affairs. Channel Nine is good for local news. Prime has re-runs of Top Gear. I even watched Man vs. Wild because I had heard about it. I did not realise it was so laughable. I now understand why there are people out there rooting for the Wild. Come on, it worked for Steve Irwin!