I was visited by my mother this week. She stayed a couple of nights. The visit did not go swimmingly. She brought her dog with her. I have no complaints with the animal. Although it is a terrier it is a gentle well-natured animal. In a previous lifetime it was a retirement home visitor. The problem is that I live with Tao, who is a timid 12 year old cat. Her previous owner had her along with a dog, that was half her lifetime ago. Even though the dog was kept in the sun room at one end of the house she spent the first night at the other end of the house alarmed and upset by this home invasion. I could pick her up and feel her heart beating. She was unwilling to settle herself my arms.

I let her out the next morning and she spent the next day outside. It was a frosty cold day and there was indication that she had made herself physically sick from fear. I found a deposit of fresh food outside on the path which would have come from her food bowl. It left me worried about her for the rest of the day. She turned out at eight o’clock. It makes me resolved that I don’t want to be visited by my mother again if she is bringing her dog. It is just too upsetting. If they want to come again they can stay at a motel and I told her so.

My mother left the next day. Her last comment was that I need to train my cat to be more tolerant of dogs. Yes, really!