I have two new book cases. One is in the living room, the other in the hallway. They were the only two wall spaces remaining that I could hope to spare for them. R.S. Jones visited last night and R. made me some wedges to secure them. The book cases came from the Hewitson wing of the Castle, and opinion suspects that they come from old university stock. They are good solid book cases. Which means I don’t need to get my old book case fixed up and imported from Leavewell. Other stuff is coming from the south this month. Maybe even a cane chair. Now, where am I going to find room for that!

I’m wading through my language books looking for notes about noun cases for an eclectic language that I am designing so far I’ve sampled Greek, Celtic, Slavic, and even Swahili. I think in August I may have to take a break from it to start on a new newsletter, I missed the last quarter because I was in the middle of moving.

Anything else I was going to add will be delayed as Tao the cat is now sitting on me!