Eternal Earth-Bound Pets


Word-Up has posted this link. I love the fact that the website is written straight-faced. It should be commended as an inter-faith initiative.

If Jesus does come back n my lifetime (Yeah, Right!) would somebody mind popping around to the Manse to check on Tao. I’ll try to grab her before I’m taken up. Knowing her she’ll probably be so surprised to see a stranger in the Heavens and get away from me. I promise to put in a good word for you.

[Up-date: Sadly it looks like the link to Eternal Earth-Bound Pets has died and gone to a better place.  I have removed the link.  Please make other arrangements for your pets in the next life.]


The weather is becoming milder, which is deceptive. I left putting on a cardigan on Saturday while I worked around the manse and as a consequence I caught a cold. I’m coughing up a lot of mucus and snot, and my voice isn’t right. I got back from my aunt’s funeral on Monday and when I went into work on Tuesday they sent me home. I’m staying home today as well because I think another day’s sick leave will get the last of it. Also I made an appointment with the dentist for this morning. They are going to clear out an infection of plaque in my jaw.

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The cherry trees are in blossom. I notice the same with the rhododendrum behind my house. Now I can see white flowers on my apple trees as I came in before. That is good as I have finished the last of the apple crumble I made from the apples I collected off the tree when I moved in six weeks ago. I can look forward to making more. I need to start collecting pots to grow plants in. It’s not yet spring. The weather is mild, ready for the new season to come in. I think we have seen the last of the frosts, at least around here.

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Goodbye Auntie Winnie. One day we shall meet again when we are young again. We shall play in the waves of the glassy sea before the throne of grace. You shall lift me up and we will both laugh. Go in peace.

The pet shop has two different brands of food for cats with kidney problems. Tao will happily eat Renal from Royal Canin. Sometimes the cat food isn’t available and I have to give her Hill’s Prescription Diet. She eats a bit and leaves the rest. Then she complains to me. *Headdesk* *Headdesk* *Headdesk* It is so frustrating and I find myself running on a short fuse with her.

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I was talking to Per Crucem ad Lucem today. We were standing outside during a firedrill, between the rain at the Castle. He tells me that he looks into my blog and claims he doesn’t understand what I’m talking about. I’m as obscure as a Russian Soviet. This is pretty satisfying as it means to me I’ve achieved a balance between keeping people informed and maintaining some privacy in my life. Perhaps while I live on my own I should report more of what I am doing.

I got back from seeing my aunt in Invercargill on Sunday. I got a ride back with Bubbles Rosemary and Crypt. It was rather sad to see her. She was on medication, and I feel I arrived too late to speak to her. Only the mumbles are left. All she can do now is breathe, and toss and turn. My mother sits with her. Her dog, Bonzo, is a welcome guest for the staff as he is well-behaved and trained as a hospital visiting dog. Apparently one night he spent the night sleeping at the foot of my aunt’s bed. All that is left now is waiting for the final gathering when we commit her to pass through the door that opens one way only.

Sleep, and away with your sorrow, Auntie.
Sleep in the fold of the Rock.
Sleep in the calm of all calm.
Sleep in the guidance of guidance.
Sleep in the love of all loves.
Sleep in the lord of life.
Sleep in the god of life.

The beginnings of a City

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While I was away I was telling Southern Dave about one of my projects. We have a book in the archives, 100 Historic Places in New Zealand, by Gavin Mclean. I liked to look through it, and started making notes on the places in it, to see how it would fit together as a single city. Since reading China Mieville’s Perdido Street Station it appealed to me to put something together if I would amuse myself by doing some creative writing. Urban fantasy would be a challenge. Other ideas have fitted in. I thought one of the character sketches I had been doing in my Scribbles file would make a good prince of the city. It would be a city in the colonies of a greater empire. The world could be adapted from our earlier Hypercronian project.

The city is built on an inlet. An old volcanic outcrop. Earlier settlers have landscaped it for terraced farming. The actual city is at the innermost end of the harbour, on one side, opposite the holiday and weekend settlements. The city is mainly administrative and industrial. The port is at the mouth of the inlet, in a bay. A railway network connects them. A lot of transport also goes across water. The train also goes inland, to farming and mining communities. The technology is late: telegraphy, combustion, and gunpowder exist, although I want to play with some fantasy elements in the city as well.

Now I’ve got to think what I want to write about in such a city.

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Tao has gone to the Cattery on Potters Road. I’m packed. Everything is getting shut down. I’ll turn off the hot water once I’ve done the lunch dishes. Love to you all. See you on the other side.

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