I was talking to a friend earlier who was surprised to find out that moving into my new flat, the Manse as I call it, that I’m finally on my own. Of course with the exception is that I still live with Tao my cat. I need her for when I hear the heavy-booted things in the walls. She hasn’t figured out how to investigate them yet, she’s trying, including venturing onto the roof (which I’m sure will be hot tin once summer comes). This is the first time in the 40something years of my life I’ve lived alone. For now I’m coping and enjoying it.

I’ve tried Tao on two different brands of cat food. She liked Renal, but I had to battle hard with her to get her to finish the Hill’s Prescription. I don’t think the Hill’s was chunky and flavoursome enough to keep her attention, and she would rather go without, thank you very much. I’ve got her another box of Renal and after one sachet I am pleasantly surprised to see that she likes the tuna flavoured version. I didn’t think that she like fish flavoured food products! She is much improved in her energy levels, which shows from the breaks I have to take to entertain her.

I have taken out a twitter account under my usual nickname. My first message arrived in seconds from a young lady who wanted me to view her videos. I can see I will be sticking to blogs and facebook for my social networking in the short-term at least.