I was talking to Per Crucem ad Lucem today. We were standing outside during a firedrill, between the rain at the Castle. He tells me that he looks into my blog and claims he doesn’t understand what I’m talking about. I’m as obscure as a Russian Soviet. This is pretty satisfying as it means to me I’ve achieved a balance between keeping people informed and maintaining some privacy in my life. Perhaps while I live on my own I should report more of what I am doing.

I got back from seeing my aunt in Invercargill on Sunday. I got a ride back with Bubbles Rosemary and Crypt. It was rather sad to see her. She was on medication, and I feel I arrived too late to speak to her. Only the mumbles are left. All she can do now is breathe, and toss and turn. My mother sits with her. Her dog, Bonzo, is a welcome guest for the staff as he is well-behaved and trained as a hospital visiting dog. Apparently one night he spent the night sleeping at the foot of my aunt’s bed. All that is left now is waiting for the final gathering when we commit her to pass through the door that opens one way only.

Sleep, and away with your sorrow, Auntie.
Sleep in the fold of the Rock.
Sleep in the calm of all calm.
Sleep in the guidance of guidance.
Sleep in the love of all loves.
Sleep in the lord of life.
Sleep in the god of life.