Anyone who has dealt with me before knows that one of my motiving forces is a sense of anxiety. I’ve just finished writing a set of minutes for a meeting last week for the centennial celebrations in my parish, which will be at Labour Weekend. I have to organise a display of memorabilia for it from the parish records we hold at the church archives. Thinking about organising these things worries me.

At the same time I doing a newsletter for the Presbyterian parishes in the city. It’s almost at the stage now that I can take it to the printery. Maybe this weekend I can tidy it up to have it in its final form. I feel I’m delaying on it. It’s about a week behind now. Then I can think about distributing it.

Meanwhile I have to do an annual report for a committee I organise for our parish AGM which should be done for tomorrow (Sunday).

And I should pass this link about Berkeley Breathed’s first book on to Southern Dave. (Yes, you should be writing in November!)