Occasionally I think about changing the details of my will. I put it together through Public Trust in Invercargill before I moved to Dunedin. I signed it in my first year in Dunedin. Most of my thinking has to do with what do I want to happen in my final rite of passage. I disagree with people who say it doesn’t matter because they won’t be attending their own funeral in person. I think it does matter. In my lifetime I have sat through enough funerals that I didn’t enjoy. I want mine to be done right when it comes (which I would prefer to be in another 30 something years, not sooner!)

My will says cremation. I keep thinking I must get that changed. I want to be buried with grave goods. My family have a plot in the Eastern Cemetary in Invercargill so I can be buried there. The grave goods should provide an interesting treat for any archeologists who disinterre the grounds in a couple of centuries’ time.

I am happy to allow for a eulogy and a act of committal. I rule out a sermon. Just because I’m leaving the planet is no reason for anyone to run a recruitment drive. I’ve heard them often enough at funerals and it annoys me. There is enough material in my own life if a speaker wants to use religious language. Restrict it to that domain.

Readings: from the Bible Luke 24:5; From Reaperman by Terry Pratchett, pages 263-265 (“There are a billion Deaths…And Death returned home with a handful of Time.”); from Playing God by Glenn Colquhoun, the poem On the death of my grandmother.

Music: there is so much to choose from: I would like the song I shall fall from Garth Hewitt’s album Stronger than the Storm, although I’ve not heard it sung live; perhaps the hymn Rainbow People by Colin Gibson; and I like the idea of the song What a Wonderful World being sung by a congregation.

That should do for now.