Yet again I am suffering under multiple attacks of livingness, long may it continue!

Last weekend was a visit for a sewing session at the Canton of Kettleburn. I didn’t start on anything. We decided that if I’m going to make new medieval kit then I’m going for Turkish costume (death for western European mediaevil conformity!). Then there was the workshop full of knives. Oh, my! Was I tempted!

During the week on Monday there was end of semester lunch at the castle. Then because the Council of Assembly was visiting there were leftovers for lunch on Friday as well. So I had a piece of battered fish, some chips, an open sandwich, an extra slice of meat, two scoops of rice salad, some of the vegetable salads, a mousse, and a bowl of fruit salad. The property staff were looking at me and going Are you going to eat all that? I managed. The fruit salad was wet enough that it helped to wash it all down. Two of us from the archives office decided that we would be propping each other up for the afternoon.

There were birthday drinks last night. I got into a long chat with a guy doing a thesis on ER Eddison. That doesn’t happen often enough.

It was 25 degrees celsius on Friday. We sweltered under the burning hammerfall of sunny winds. One of my workmates got a email from her sister that it was a cool 25 degrees in Lanzarotte! (That’s in Spain.) The sunny weather makes me feel quite euphoric!

It wasn’t my birthday drinks although around this time I have turned 44. My mother came up from Invercargill and we went and saw Tosca, Met Opera Live. It was one of those performances where very large singers get to hold hands. The singer playing Scarpia was deliciously evil.

Next weekend, down to Invercargill for the Burt Munro Challenge. Told you I’m having a busy time.

I know I am a Southlander Of A Certain Age, when a friend says that they were born in the carpark of McDonalds in Invercargill and I know exactly what they mean.