Late in the afternoon Ha’penny was still pushing the mover over the lawns. He had been at it most of the day. The weather had been indifferent and the public grounds so near a thoroughfare gave him a chance to watch people going by. Anyone of them could a type the inspectorate like to keep an eye on. The young white-haired man chewing on an ice-cream was at least part-troll. Two foreign visitors out sight-seeing in the city could have been skin-jumpers. Best of all were three working girls on their way home laden with the day’s shopping, entirely human!

Something buzzed passed his cheek. He spun around, his arms flying outward. One hand clenched as he made a fireball.

“Fair does, Hape! It’s only me! Mr. Anghelo sent me out with some coffee!” The girl was less than half a metre in height, with fairy wings. She folded them back under her cloak. “Do anything to me and by the end of the day you’ll be so full of elfshot you won’t know if you’re Arthur or Martha.”

Ha’penny pressed his glasses against his nose. “I’ve met Arthur. I’d rather be Martha than married to his wife,” he growled and accepted the coffee from the girl’s hands.