Two exchange cards came on Friday. Neither were the two that I was expecting so those are still in the post. There’s still time for Dedalvs‘s card to arrive next week.

The first is a green interlace postcard written in Kelen. The second is a pencil sketch on card, on the back is written in Kardii. Both come with translations. Oops! I didn’t include a translation of the Brithenig message on my card. I will tell people when they inquire.

I am pleased to receive both of them and as I said I know there are two more in the post to me. I’m chuffed.

I have given myself two resolutions in response:

a. I need to press ahead with the eclectic language I have started designing. This will be an interesting project for future cards.

b. any future cards that I send need to be individually made. I need to put some skill into that.