Wouldn’t it have made sense for the fleshbots to have tracking inplants?

The people of Pandora were Indian-cum-Aborigine-cum-Zipper-Up-The-Back. They had the four emotional faces shared by all humanity: Happy, Sad, Angry, Disgust (the snarl was a nice extra). If the body-snatching had shifted the other way they could have easily fitted into human society. That would have been interesting. I did like their size.

Why is it necessary for spirituality or the transmigration of souls to be empirical? We have no evidence that it is among humans. Indeed it could be argued that there is a body of negative evidence. Hollywood always seems to need to compensate for this.

It comes down in the end to a big fight beween us and them with lots of pretty effects, again. If Eywa had any sense she would have sent a lot of little animals into the war machines first. (Chew the wires, unscrew the joints, and up their trousers! Ever shared a room with a wasp?) That would have been amusing.