I claim that my taste in music is middle of the road. When I mentioned this to Southern Dave he pointed out that most people don’t listen to the ambient music show on Radio One on a Sunday morning. Apparently this is not middle of the road music. I listen to it because both he and I know one of the announcers on the show. It is also perfectly pleasant to listen to.

I mentioned this to another friend when she collected me from home. I was playing a second-hand compact disc of the Soweto Quartet that I picked up from the last library sale. Good for grabbing disposable CDs for a shilling each. Mostly they are still playable quality, a couple are jumpy.

She pointed out that the Soweto Quartet do not count as middle of the road music. Yet again it is something pleasant and interesting that I listen to.

I consider musical tastes are similar to opinions on religion and politics. You just have to respect what other people listen to, even if you don’t want to listen to it everyday yourself. Southern Dave will point out that I listened to a Pixies CD when I last visited him. I have only a vague recollection of it now since he reminded me. Appart from the opinion that I will not go out of my way to listen to it again.

Of course I made him sit through one of my favorite CDs Love and Fear by Tom Russell, which is pretty close to perfect for me. It was introduced to that CD by William Dart on New Horizons a couple of years ago. (And just looking for that link I see at least one title he lists there that I will have to order!) Since then I have bought Holy Smoke by Gin. On its first listening it sounded interesting. I haven’t given it a second listening yet. Very quirky singing voice.

From memory the least pleasent music I have listened to was someone praising a track by Tool I think. Not music I have appreciation for at all!