There is a lot of talk in the local blogosphere as I read it at the moment about god, what with the Atheist Bus Campaign coming to New Zealand, and the rather silly poster put up for Christmas by St Matthews in the City. It’s the time of year I suppose. With all this going on I felt it was time that I compiled my thoughts on what I believe. I have been thinking about it for a while.

God cannot be proven. There is sufficient negative evidence to the existence of god. Life can be lived without god. I know enough people living socially responsible lives without recourse to god. Religion and religious practice is observable. I consciously choose to live as if god existed, and to enjoy a religious life. There is a warning for me and for others — a religious life can be dangerous and cause harm to others and to self.

Living a religious life in a secular society means that I must recognise that I am part of minority, and a declining minority at that. I expect the secular society that I live in to be counter-action to religious abuse. I also expect that my religious practice will end with me.

I am involved in the cultural debate that exists within religious society. This is both significant and insignificant to wider society. It influences me, and by being within a wider society, it may influence the society in which I live.

As a Christian theist I recognise god in the person of Jesus. My reading of theology and scripture means I suspect he was fully human. It is in the aftermath of his life and death that the community of faith recognises him as god. I accept that. As he stands between god and humanity he is highly personable.

All human beings have a responsibility that their individual actions and their actions as a society do not have a negative impact on themselves, their community and the earth. To perpetrate injustice on another is sin.

The evidence for the survival of the personality after death does not look good. What was the shape of my face before I was born? I do not fear that have no pre-existence before my birth so I should not fear my death, although I may try to avoid it! Perhaps the best thing I can work toward is closure. I cannot imagine living for eternity after the heat-death of the universe. One life lived facing the universe should be enough. Our lives may be the consciousness of the universe.